Not-So-Silent Film: The Wind (1928)


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Not-So-Silent Film:
The Wind (1928)

Lillian Gish’s 1928 THE WIND will be presented on 35MM and accompanied by live music from The Sanctuary Orchestra.

Tickets are $15; pick your showtime below.

The Wind (1928) is one of Lillian Gish’s greatest achievements in a powerfully dramatic silent film.


It’s one of the few silents to stand the test of time.

Dennis Schwartz

A frail young woman from the East moves in with her cousin in the West, where she causes tension within the family and is slowly driven mad.


Drama, Romance, Thriller, Western


1 hour, 35 minutes


Not rated

Directed by

Victor Sjöström

Written by

Frances Marion, Dorothy Scarborough, John Colton


Lillian Gish, Lars Hanson, Montagu Love

For all the twisters and panicking crowds, this is a face-and-character piece built around Gish’s most subtly pained performance and well-observed bursts of naturalistic life .

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