Hidden in Plain Sight


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Hidden in Plain Sight: The Real Cost of a Safari Lurks in the Shadows.

This event is pay-what-you-can, and the screening will be followed by a Q+A with the filmmaker.

Best Film in the Social Justice Category at the LA Live Film Festival. “Hidden in Plain Sight” is a short documentary that shines a light on a rarely discussed aspect of the safari industry, uncovering the pervasive economic leakage and exploitation perpetuated by foreign-owned companies across Tanzania.

Rachel Levy, the producer and director, recently moved to Juneau and will attend the screening for a short Q+A about responsible and sustainable tourism after the 30-minute film.

Only about 15% of safari companies throughout Africa are under Black ownership, while the labor force across the continent is over 90% Black. This disparity is characteristic of the tourism sectors of second- and third-world countries. The result: economic leakage of profits so large that the UN estimates that for every $100 (USD) a tourist spends on a vacation, only $5 remains in the country. In Tanzania, foreign-owned safari companies dominate the high-end market, reaping massive profit by denigrating the land and exploiting the labor of the country. For the first time, this film shares a side of the industry that has been silenced for years by heavy-handed, foreign-owned companies. Hear from the local Tanzanians, the guides who make our vacation dreams possible. Simply put, the picturesque ideal we’ve all come to associate with safaris is no more than a veil covering the ugly reality of modern colonialism in action.