Alaska Design Forum Lecture presents Deanna Van Buren


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Designing Justice:
Deanna Van Buren

Architect / Developer / Advocate for Restorative Justice / Co-founder, Executive Director, Design Director of Designing Justice + Designing Spaces
– from Oakland, CA

Deanna Van Buren is an award-winning architect and activist recognized internationally for her leadership in using architecture, design, and real estate innovations to address the social inequities behind the mass incarceration crisis.

Van Buren is co-founder of Designing Justice + Designing Spaces, an architecture and design firm with the mission of dismantling and replacing the punitive infrastructure of the prison system with new spaces informed by restorative justice: peacemaking centers, mobile re-entry housing, holistic behavioral health hubs, spaces for youth, spaces for diversion/re-entry, and more.


Designing Justice