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We are monitoring the weather and looking for a good three-day stretch, and will announce it as soon as we can!


Notice to Parents/Guardians of High School Seniors
With COVID-19 state restrictions the traditional Safe Grad party cannot take place. Safe Grad 2020 is partnering with Gold Town Theater for a midnight drive-in movie. Signups and rules will be on the Gold Town Theater website. Look for 2020 Safe Grad Drive-in Movie. Shows are subject to weather and may need to be changed on the day of the event. Shows are also dependent on state health mandates and could change at any time. Since we cannot have all seniors at the same time drive-in event will be spread over three nights with possibility to expand to a fourth night based on demand. Shows could start as early as Wednesday, May 27th. Check Gold Town Theater website frequently for updates!
Individuals should not attend drive in movie if they have Covid-19 symptoms (fever, cough, and shortness of breath) or have been tested and are awaiting results for COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive or has symptoms.
Strongly suggest all attendees wear cloth face mask and use sanitizer for hands. We will have sanitizer available; however, we suggest each vehicle have their own sanitizer.
As the state reopens responsibly social circles and bubbles are widening. Each family has different circumstances and social bubbles will change at a different pace for each family. Parents for Safe Graduation and Gold Town Theater will not know every high school senior’s family circumstances so as we move forward with the drive-in movie high schools seniors need to talk with parents/guardians to determine the right level of social bubble for their family. With this in mind the number of people in a vehicle for the drive-in is the parents/guardians responsibility. Examples might include:
• Senior may want to attend as sole person in vehicle and use cell phone to connect with friends during movie. Great idea!
• Senior may want to attend with siblings and household members. Great idea!
• Senior may want to attend with one friend who is between the age of 16 and 20. At the traditional Safe Grad seniors can bring a friend. If they are non-household members in same vehicle maintain social distance, windows must be rolled down and strongly suggest cloth face coverings be worn.
• Senior may want to have 1 or 2 close high school senior friends in vehicle. Parents/guardians of each senior should discuss and agree on expanding their social bubble. Non-household members should maintain social distance, windows must be rolled down and strongly suggest cloth face coverings be worn. Highly suggest limiting to two non-households within a vehicle.
• Open windows provide better air flow. 2 door vehicles will be limited to 2 occupants and 4 door vehicles will be limited to 4 occupants. Vehicles will be parked 6 feet apart. They will be parked by height as they arrive. So, if seniors want to park near a friend they need to have similar car heights and come into lot at same time. Spaces will not be saved for friends.
Alternate seating arrangements can be made for any high school senior who does not drive or have a vehicle. Email safegradjuneau@gmail.com or call 723-4623.
Seniors may bring small amounts of outside food and drink. ALCOHOL AND DRUGS ARE NOT ALLOWED! Safe Grad will provide simple snacks (soda, candy bar and popcorn/chips) as students check-in. Snacks provide will be individual package size do that participants do not share large bags or utensils. No smoking or vaping at event. We want seniors to celebrate in a safe manner.
Plan to have in large gravel parking lot on way to glacier. So, it is important for all attendees to take their trash with them and not leave at site.
Parent/adult volunteers will be walking around parking lot. Anyone who would like to volunteer please email safegradjuneau@gmail.com or go to Gold Town Theater tab for 2020 safe Grad Drive-in Movie. As we get closer there will be a volunteer signup link. Volunteers must wear cloth face coverings.
Prize envelopes will be given out to each high school senior as they check in. High school seniors must show school ID to receive a prize envelope. Prize envelopes will be stuffed and let rest for 72 hours before show. Winners of any prize drawings at end of show will stop at check-in area when leaving.