TURANDOT, Live from the Bregenz Opera Festival

Turandot means just one thing: SPECTACLE!  One of the most famous opera festivals in the world, for a good reason.  They do everything on an Olympic scale.  Gargantuan floating sets are built over the lake, and dozens of fire-breathers, sword fighters, acrobats, and some of the greatest contemporary opera singers create an unbelievable performance.

Puccini’s final work is one of his grandest, featuring forbidden romance & gorgeous melodies, including the rousing “Nessun dorma.”  In an imagined ancient China, the beautiful Princess Turandot reigns with an iron fist and an ice-cold heart. To her wooers, she has issued a decree: he who can answer her riddles will win her hand—all others will face beheading. When a mysterious man passes her test, will she finally open her heart to love?